Welcome to the Kind Book Club!

We’re called the Kind Book Club because we’re kind of curious- hence the unhealthy amount of reading, kind of imaginative- made clear in how we immerse ourselves in any novel’s world, but most importantly, we’re kind because we’re considerate and respectful of each other.

Every month I will upload a review of a fiction book. For January I will be reading Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi. I have yet to decide what my weekly blog post will look like so it may just be experimental and unpredictable for the time being but I hope by the end of January I will have a consistent weekly blog post and the one monthly blog post which will focus specifically on a review and exploration of a chosen novel’s theme.

I look forward to using this platform in reflecting a little more deeply after finishing a book and also to hear other people’s thoughts. I would really love for this platform to become a community for avid readers to come and be creative together and to bounce thoughts off each other.

Thank you for joining me on my creative journey and I hope to see you on the next post!

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